Here’s what we offer

Spruce $195

Edit your wardrobe, clean out the pantry, revamp the toy cupboard or tidy up the linen press. This one’s for those compact, but packed to the rafters bits of the house.
You get: 3 hours hands-on decluttering.

Declutter $375

Clean up the spare room, reconfigure the family room or streamline the office. Go deep on one room and make it feel like spring in there!
You get: a full day (6hrs) hands-on decluttering. Don’t have all day? Split it in half!

Be Free $720

The big one. Perfect for a larger project like downsizing or cleaning out the garage, or use it to kick-start every room in the house.
You get: 12 hours hands on decluttering. Splice and dice the hours as you like (min 2 hours). Anything from a two-hour session each week for 6 weeks, to two 6 hour days. You decide.

Just Busy?

This is our Do-It-For-You package for the organised-but-busy household. A customised day rate for me to do the decluttering for you. You set the parameters for what I sift out and you make the final decision about exactly what stays and what goes, but I do all the work for you. 
See what Abi had to say about this service, below. 


If none of these packages fit your purpose or your budget, I can help tailor a plan or workshop to suit your needs, or point you toward some other great resources to get you started. Contact me for a chat. I’d like to help.

I originally got Nadine in to declutter my kids’ toy wall. She was very thorough, weeding out things they’d outgrown, reorganising shelves, sorting lego and even sharpening all the pencils! My kids found new inspiration in their toys and rediscovered things they’d forgotten about. I loved the results so much, I got her back to do the rest of the house. From the pantry to the garage she has decluttered, finessed and organised in ways that work for us. Things feel fresh again! Nadine will be an annual event in our house!

Abi, Richmond

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Spruce. Declutter. Be Free.