Questions people ask me


Why declutter?

What I’ve discovered over many years is that decluttering is not just about creating more physical space. It also helps create more mental and emotional space. I have tended to declutter my home when I feel like I’m in a rut and everything is stagnant, or when things in my life are changing – emotionally or physically. And it helps. It lets me make space for new things, experiences or people to come into my life. And it clears my head and helps me remember what is essential. Most importantly, it ensures my home reflects who I am today.

So why declutter? Decluttering can support you through change or transition, and it can help create a sense of clarity. It will transform your space, it might even transform your life (no pressure).

At it’s simplest, decluttering will free up space in your home. And having less stuff to clean, organise and worry about might just leave you free to spend more time with the important people in your life doing important things. Like playing in the grass, jumping in puddles, travelling to far off places, or just reading a book in your favourite chair. Free to do what really matters to you.

If you’re at the point of feeling overwhelmed by your stuff rather than in control of it, contact me for a chat about how I can help. I’d like to.

Will you make me throw everything out?

No. Absolutely not. Only you can make the decision to let go of something. I won’t force/coerce/cajole. I might ask some hard questions. I will definitely encourage you to think about your possessions in a different way. I might actually encourage you to hold on to certain items for a bit longer. But I will never make you throw anything out.

Why do I need you when I can do it myself?

Sometimes, making an appointment means you’ll actually make time to do it – it gives you the space you need you to take the first steps. And sometimes, having someone impartial there can help you cut through the overwhelm and get started. And not everyone learns the skills they need to organise or manage their things efficiently. These are all things I can help with. If you don’t think an in-home session is right for you, consider a Spruce & co workshop.

Is your house completely minimalist/tidy/perfect/organised?

My place is just a normal house, like yours. It’s not minimalist because that’s just not my style, but it’s generally pretty tidy. I’m quite organised so my cupboards are too, but I also have too many of some things. Like bed-linen. And wool for knitting. These are things I love so I’m not too bothered by the excess, but I do keep a limit on it.

Do you use Marie Kondo’s method?

There are some aspects of Marie Kondo’s approach that I really like and use. However, I find her method quite prescriptive and prefer to take a more flexible approach that accommodates the needs and preferences of individual clients.


Spruce. Declutter. Be Free.