Spruce & co workshops are a practical, insightful mixture of questions, discussion and activities designed to help you identify the things you no longer need and let them go without regret.

Over 3 hours, I teach you the skills and strategies you need to make a confident start on your decluttering project, and provide personalised advice that you can apply in your own home. During the course of the workshop we:

  • explore what clutter is and how it affects us
  • learn how decluttering your home can make space for new opportunities and experiences
  • gain insights from Feng Shui
  • create a practical, step-by-step plan to declutter your own home

Spruce & co deliver workshops in two ways:

    • out and about – keep an eye here and on our FB page for upcoming workshops
    • in your home – you gather a group of interested people, set up a table and put the kettle on, and I deliver a workshop! Contact me for a quote.


We’ve got a workshop wait list ready for your name!
Email me or text your name and ‘workshop wait list’ to 0419 344 116.

Amazing workshop! The discussions and ideas really added value to what I thought I knew about managing ‘things’ and getting rid of clutter! I love that Nadine had time to speak to us personally and was able to resolve an issue I’d been grappling with for a number of years. She gave me a new perspective and healthier approach to emotionally charged objects (and one item in particular) – I was very relieved when I put this advice into practice at home – it was mood, mind and life altering! Brilliant.

Lisa, Thornbury

Nadine’s workshop really made me think about what things are important to me, and the meaning behind them. It really challenged me to think about why I’m holding onto things, and the really positive and manageable ways I can go about prioritising which things I keep and which things I can give away for someone else to appreciate. The workshop activities and discussion made me reflect on the impact of physical, emotional and digital clutter on my wellbeing, and the potential for decluttering to really improve my quality of life. I recommend Nadine’s workshop for anyone who needs a supportive hand to start tackling their clutter!

Fiona, Fitzroy



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